Lodgepole Products Inc. established in Laramie, Wy. In 1975.   A second generation, family owned business we are now Wyoming’s largest producer of premium post and pole products.  We utilize Lodgepole Pine from Northern Colorado And Southeastern Wyoming’s overpopulated and diseased stands in an effort reduce wildfire and to protect the long-term health of our forested lands.  We are a zero waste facility!  Every fiber is utilized and turned into a merchantable product. 

Our peeled roundwood products are treated to AWPA specs and are independently tested after treatment to ensure product durability.  Most posts are only treated to retention and never meet the proper specification, leaving you with early failure and another unnecessary fencing project.

We strive to contain cost, yet never sacrifice the quality you demand. We provide industry leading value through product excellence at every step, customer friendship in every transaction and honest dealings with all.

We stand for the excellence.